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Stability and Tradition

In 1977, with four green notebooks on a kitchen table, $600,000 in assets, and a vision to create a better investment experience, Kenneth M. Ligon and Ronald J. Jaffe, M.D. founded Professional Advisory Services, Inc. (PASI). Built on a foundation of integrity and personalized service, PASI has grown to become one of the largest independent money management firms in Florida with clients in 30 states and assets under management exceeding $750 million. Today, PASl remains a family-run business with the second generation of Ligons and Jaffes at the helm continuing the traditions upon which the firm was built.

Mission Statement
Family at the beachProfessional Advisory Services, Inc. is committed to helping our clients reach their financial goals by seeking out the most attractive investments through independent research and a disciplined investment approach. We adhere to the highest levels of honesty and integrity while providing great service.

PASI Investment Philosophy
PASI invests client funds in two primary asset classes - high quality stocks and investment grade bonds. The allocation of funds to each asset class is tailored to the individual client's risk tolerance and financial situation. The mix is modified only when dictated by a change in client circumstances or major economic shift. We also believe in the power of simplicity and thus do not recommend investments in partnerships, hedge funds, currencies, precious metals, commodities, insurance products, or derivatives.

A Note from the Founders
"Professional Advisory Services was founded with a goal of creating an investment management company that would treat clients the way we would want to be treated. The growth of the company, almost exclusively by word of mouth, is testimony to the satisfaction of our clients, who have become the company's strongest advocates. PASI's disciplined investment approach has withstood the test of time, building wealth for clients while managing risk and reducing portfolio volatility. Our independent structure avoids conflicts of interest, while our team of experienced and dedicated employees provides an outstanding level of service. PASI continues to be the clear alternative to trust departments, brokerage houses, and mutual fund companies."

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